The Yellowstone is by far my favorite river in Montana!  Something special about a natural freestone river that will go from dang near 70 degrees in the summer, to ice jammed so thick you wonder if there is any flowing water anywhere. Despite all that this river supports a good population of heathy trout.  There are quite a few floats to choose from, all have gorgeous scenery!  Great pre-runoff fishing, mid summer through October are primetime.

Lower Yellowstone

Downstream of Big Timber is what I consider to be the Lower Yellowstone.  This is where I spend most of my time.  Although the upper sections have more trout per mile, you will also find a lot more people.  Still plenty of fish, way less people and these stretches can be easily day tripped from Billings.

What to Expect

Hoppers and Streamer dominate on the Yellowstone.  Hopper/dropper and nymphing can also be productive. Float trips on the Yellowstone are done in comfortable Drift boats.  Wade fishing along the way is an option, but fishing from the boat and covering lots of water is the most productive way to catch fish on this River.


Click here to see the current stream flows on the Yellowstone